Kui oled oma nutitelefonis mobiiliteavitused aktiveerinud, siis on Sul võimalik saada vahetut informatsiooni omakontol toimuvatest liikumistest.

When enabled on your mobile device push notifications provides instant updates on your accounts.

You will receive information regarding

How can I enable push notifications?

You need to open “Settings” in mobile banking app’s menu and click on “Push Notification settings”. Then you can customize your push notification settings for specific account. After saving your settings you will receive a push notification whenever there is something happening in your accounts!

How can I turn off push notifications?

You can always disable push notifications by heading to push notifications section in the mobile banking app setting on your device.

I have lost my phone! How can I disable push notifications?

If you lost your phone, please call our ustomer support.

Push notifications service provider information
Urban Airship, Inc.,
1417 NW Everett St.,
Suite 300, Portland, Oregon 97209, USA