When you enter into a lease agreement, make sure you read the terms and conditions concerning the payment of invoices, the necessary authorisations and amendment of the agreement well in advance. This will make the lease period more convenient for you.


Invoices via internet bank and e-mail or regular mail

  • We will send your lease invoices to the internet bank or your e-mail address.
  • You can let us know how you would like to receive the lease invoices by ticking the relevant box on the application form.
  • Let us know if you would like to change the manner in which you receive invoices.

We issue invoices on paper for a charge. Therefore, we advise you to choose e-invoices. You can do this as follows:

  • request e-invoices in the e-invoice environment www.arved.ee;
  • ask us to send e-invoices to the internet banks of Coop Bank, LHV, Luminor, SEB and Swedbank;
  • ask us to e-mail the invoice to you by sending the relevant request to liising@luminor.ee.
If you need further information, please send an e-mail to liising@luminor.ee or call our customer service helpline on.

E-invoice standing order
  • We advise you to enter set up an e-invoice standing order, as it makes paying the lease invoice more convenient.
  • You will find the account numbers necessary for setting up e-invoice standing orders on the contacts page.
  • You can choose a date from the 10th day to the end of the calendar month for making lease payments on the basis of the e-invoice standing order.
  • You can view your lease agreement and payment schedule in the internet bank.


You need the lessor’s authorisation if you want to make changes in the data of the vehicle in the traffic register or perform other actions.

We have also been issuing authorisations for changing the data of vehicles in the traffic register in the e-service of the Road Administration since 1 May 2015.

Request for authorisation

Would you like to drive abroad?

  • An authorisation for granting use of a vehicle in Estonia and European Union is no longer required since 1 July 2011.
  • On the request of the lessee, we issue authorisations for use of the vehicle to persons not named on the vehicle registration certificate.
  • A notarised power of attorney is necessary when driving outside the European Union if the person is not named as a user on the vehicle registration certificate.
  • You must present the vehicle’s comprehensive insurance policy if you would like us to issue an authorisation and this policy must be valid in the foreign countries where you want to go.
  • Please submit your requests for notarised powers of attorney at least four working days before the planned journey.
  • The fee for the issue of an authorisation is indicated in the pricelist.
  • Application for the issue of a power of attorney for travel abroad

Additional requirements for entering Russia in vehicles belonging to leasing companies

In connection with the amendments to the Customs Code of the Russian Federation that entered into force in September 2018, additional requirements were established for entering Russia in vehicles belonging to leasing companies. According to the amendments to the legal acts, only one vehicle belonging to a private owner or company may be in Russia at any one time without paying an additional customs fee. A deposit must be paid for each additional vehicle. Unfortunately, vehicles belonging to Luminor (formerly Nordea Finance Estonia AS and AS DNB Pank) are currently not permitted in Russia without paying these deposits.

We ask our clients to exercise patience until this situation is resolved and either to use public transport to travel to Russia or to take into account the requirement to pay the deposit when crossing the border. The amount of the deposit depends on the year the vehicle was manufactured and its engine capacity. A sample calculator can be found online at www.tks.ru/auto/calc/. Once a vehicle has left Russia, the deposit is reimbursed within two to three months.

We recognise the inconvenience this causes our clients and can confirm that we have acted and continue to act to improve the situation.

Amendment and termination of agreement

If you would like to extend the lease agreement or amend its terms and conditions, please fill in the request for amendment of lease agreement and e-mail it to liising@luminor.ee. We will contact you if we have any questions when reviewing the request. We will charge you for the amendment of the lease agreement according to the pricelist.

 Request for amendment of lease agreement

Early termination

You may be charged for early termination according to the price list: Please send us the relevant application if you would like to terminate the lease agreement early or boy out the vehicle earlier. We will send you a notice that shows the buyout price of the vehicle. after the issue of the agreement termination documents, we will initiate the change of owners of the vehicle (purchase and sale transaction) in the e-service of the Road Administration.

Important information!

The e-service of the Road Administration is an electronic environment, which allows clients to use the services of the Road Administration irrespective of the time and place. You must have an ID card or Mobile ID to use the e-service.

The new owner must confirm the change of owners in the e-service in five days. The state fee is paid by the new owner. Information about state fees is available on the website of the Road Administration.

If the new owner recorder by us does not confirm this in the e-service in five days, a notice of disposal will be entered in the register and the act must be formalised in the bureau of the traffic register.

If the act is not completed in 10 days, the vehicle will be temporarily deleted from the register and using it in traffic is prohibited.

Application for early termination of lease agreement/buyout of property

Buyout at the end of lease period

  • If you would like to buy out the vehicle at the end of the lease period, please inform us about this with a written application.
  • If someone else buys out the vehicle instead of you, please add the details (name, ID code/reg. number, address, telephone, e-mail) of the relevant private person or legal entity to the application.
  • We will send you the property buyout invoice after receiving your application.
  • We will send the lease agreement documents to you and the buyer and also an invoice to the buyer after all current invoices and the buyout price of the property have been paid. The vehicle can be registered in the name of the buyer in the traffic register of the Road Administration on the basis of these documents.
Application for early termination of lease agreement/buyout of property

Transfer of lease, change of lessees

If you don’t want to use the leased vehicle any more, we advise you to find a new user for the property and terminate the lease agreement.
  • You must submit the relevant application if you would like to terminate the agreement early.
  • We ask the new user of the vehicle to fill in a lease application.
If the lease is taken over by a private person, we ask them to submit the following in addition to the lease application
  • account statement for the last six months.
If the lease is taken over by a legal entity, we ask it to submit the following in addition to the lease application
  • balance sheet and income statement (not older than six months);
  • copy of the identity document of the person who signs the agreement (and the authorisation if the agreement is signed on the basis thereof).