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We are continuing to unify our services, therefore starting from 1 January 2019 there will be changes to Luminor’s general terms and conditions, privacy policy, price list and travel and purchase insurance.

You can find out more about each topic, when clicking on the headline.

Changes in terms & conditions

  • New unified Luminor General Banking Terms will apply to all Luminor customers, products and services.
New Luminor General Banking Terms can be found here.

Changes in privacy policy

  • List of Luminor Group companies will be updated considering changes in group’s structure. 
  • It will be additionally highlighted, that personal data may be processed for two new purposes – to ensure continuous business activities and for any possible business transfer. 
  • Categories of recipients of the personal data will be further explained specifically indicating that were required by applicable laws personal data or where Luminor may have a legitimate interest may be disclosed to Luminor shareholders, entities providing financing to Luminor, rating agencies etc.  
  • List of links to relevant third parties privacy policies, will be added (Luminor may agree with third parties to inform its customers about such third parties documents where due to the nature of Luminor services personal data is transferred to another controller) and some other amendments will be made.    
Renewed privacy policy can be found here

Changes in price list

  • Changes will be made in the pricing of documentary payments.
  • Changes will be made in the pricing of bank guarantees.
Price list can be found here.

Changes in travel and purchase insurance

  • Purchase insurance of all Luminor bank cards will be cancelled. 
  • Travel insurance policy for PINS Mastercard and Finnair Plus Mastercard cards will be cancelled. 
  • Insurance partner will change as well – ERGO will become the insurer of Luminor credit cards. 
  • New! The insurance will include terrorism cover.
Renewed terms and conditions of the can be found: 

In case of occurrence of an insured event from 01.01.2019, please contact ERGO Insurance SE, Estonian Branch or its assistance partner by phone 610 65 00 or by e-mail or

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 customer support by calling +372 628 3300 or writing an e-mail to

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