We accept the evaluation reports for the following companies

Company name Homepage Both residential and commercial real estate Only commercial
1Partner www.1partner.ee *  
Arco Vara www.arcovara.ee *  
Domus Kinnisvara www.domuskinnisvara.ee *  
Lahe Kinnisvara www.lahekinnisvara.ee *  
LVM Kinnisvara www.lvm.ee *  
Ober-Haus www.ober-haus.ee *  
Pindi Kinnisvara www.pindi.ee *  
Uus Maa Kinnisvarabüroo www.uusmaa.ee *  
Eri Kinnisvara www.eri.ee *  

The person approving the expert assessment report must be a professional appraiser, who has been awarded level 6 real estate appraiser or level 7 asset valuer profession on the basis of the Professions Act and the accreditation must be valid.

It is possible to check whether a professional certificate has been issued on the webpage of the Estonian Association of Appraisers.