With us, your pension is in professional hands. More than 50 000 people`s assets are in Luminor pension funds. We manage six pension funds with proven long term performance track record. Thank you for placing your trust in us!

Make sure, that your future is also taken care of. How big will your income be in the future?

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II pillar

Pension II pillar is the primary support for state pension, which provides you income in the future.

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III pillar

Collecting funds is easy. And beneficial. If you save a feasible sum each month, then funds will grow fast and create a sense of security.

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Employer’s Pension for Employees

Do you motivate your employees? A pension offered by the employer is financially attractive and an increasingly more popular way of motivating employees

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What is waiting in the future?

Do you know how big will be your income at 65?

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Investments into a fund may bring the shareholder both profit and loss. Retention of the value of the sum invested in the fund is not guaranteed. Read the fund key information documents and prospectuses. Information in all documents is in Estonian language only. If necessary, consult an expert. Additional information is available at Luminor bank offices or call +372 628 3300. Funds` previous periods` return is not a promise nor a reference regarding funds` next periods` return. Pension funds are managed by Luminor Pensions Estonia AS.