Let your piggy bank have a holiday

Apply for a term deposit and get the interest of 1.5 % p.a.

*Offer is valid until 26.05.2019 for private customers’ deposits in Internet-bank in EUR, subject to the maturity of 5 years and the amount between EUR 100 and 100,000

Term deposit is a classical deposit for private customers. The deposit term can be automatically extended upon request. We offer higher interest rate for deposits opened in internet bank.


Interest rates for deposits per annum in EUR

12 months 0.8 %
24 months 0.9 %
60 months 1.5 %

How to open a term deposit?


Make a plan

Ask yourself what kind of deposit suits you best.


Log into Netbank

Conclude an agreement in Netbank.


Choose a deposit

Choose a suitable deposit, read the terms and conditions and sign the agreement.

Necessary documents

  • Passport or ID-card

Useful links

Interest rates
Information about Term deposit
Term deposit terms and conditions
Protection of depositors
 Depositor information sheet

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