National student loan

The student loan is a state guaranteed loan for pupils and students to cover costs related to acquiring an education. A student loan is simple to apply for, repayment is flexible and interest is affordable.


Useful links

Student loan general information
Bank`s general terms and conditions
Loan recipient`s reminder
Surety provider`s reminder
Examples of annual percentage rate

Necessary documents

  • ID-card or passport
  • Written loan application on bank form
  • Personal identification documents of surety providers
  • Surety providers` last six months` bank statements if they are not our bank`s customers
  • If the loan applicant studies at a foreign education institution, then a certified statement from the education institution stating that the loan applicant studies at the education institution that issued the certified statement at the time of applying for the loan and about the duration of nominal period of study (the bank has the right to ask for submission of the document original and its attested translation)
  • In case of a real estate guarantee, the valuation report and insurance policy of the real estate serving as the guarantee
  • Consent from the loan applicant`s legal representative to apply for the loan if the loan applicant has restricted active legal capacity