Investing is not only for the wealthy! Regular investment of even small sums can build a considerable portfolio in the long run. Depending on your goals and risk appetite, we offer a wide range of different services.

Important information for investor

We apply all reasonable measures to guarantee investor protection and avoid conflicts of interest.

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Securities account

If you have decided to invest your funds in securities, then you first need to open a securities account.

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Investment account

Using an investment account allows you to postpone taxation of return on investments.

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Investment funds

We offer a wide range of funds investing into different regions and asset classes across the globe.

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Fund portfolio

A good result requires a well put together diverse investment portfolio.

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Index-linked bonds

A great way to earn return from securities` market, because generally, structured bonds have nominal value protection.

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All investments come with some risk. A detailed overview of investment services offered by Luminor, terms and conditions and investment related risks is available here.