Home loan

Affordable, fast and convenient option to buy, build or renovate a home.


Applying for a home loan


Fill in a loan application

Fill in a loan application on paper or electronically. Our bank`s customers can submit the application though Netbank.


We will contact you

We will review your application and get in touch with you.


Sign the loan agreement

Sign the loan agreement at a bank office of your choosing.


Going to the notary

At the notary`s office, a mortgage is set up for the guarantee.


Loan issuance

We will transfer the loan to your account.

Necessary documents

  • Loan applicant(s)` passport or ID-card.
  • Applicant(s)` bank account(s)` statement from the last 6 months. If income has been received at our bank for the past 6 months, then a bank statement is not necessary.
  • Valuation report of the object , offered as loan guarantee, drawn up at a real estate office accepted by the bank. The loan applicant orders the valuation report of the object offered as a guarantee for the loan and will bear the cost of compiling the valuation report according to the real estate appraiser`s pricelist.
  • In case of renovation or construction work, a calculation or other construction-related documents. For example, a construction project, building permit, a contract with the builder etc.
  • Loan application. The application can be submitted on paper or electronically. Our bank`s customers can submit the application though Netbank.

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Before concluding a loan agreement, please read the loan agreement terms and conditions, and risks related to non-fulfilment of obligations arising from the loan agreement and if necessary, consult an expert. The loan provider is Luminor Bank AS, headquarters located at Liivalaia 45, 10145 Tallinn.