Cross-border payment

A cross-border payment is a payment in foreign currency or a payment in euros outside the European Union and European Economic Area.

Cross-border payments can be made: as a normal payment, an urgent payment or an express payment (same value date payment).


Cross-border payment format is structured and simple


Log in

Enter Netbank or mobile bank.


Fill in the form

Choose cross-border payment in Netbank or a new payment in mobile bank > change payment type > cross-border payment. Fill in the order for payment form.


Confirm payment

Check entered data and confirm payment.


Make sure

Make sure the payment amount has been debited from the account (takes place during ca 15 minutes)

Necessary documents

Useful links

Making a cross-border payment
Incoming cross-border payment
Rouble payment
Restrictions on making cross-border payment
Information regarding the fees of cross‑border payments
 List of correspondent banks
 Payment cancellation and investigation application
 Bank holidays in different world countries

Cross-border payments are fast and secure

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