Pension funds

Unit value date: 2020-10-20 | Last updated: 2020-10-21
FundUnit valueChange per dayFund net asset value
II pillar
Luminor A Pluss Pensionifond1.07867 EUR-0.60%77448067 EUR
Luminor A Pensionifond1.25391 EUR-0.43%300325332 EUR
Luminor B Pensionifond1.08074 EUR-0.33%31674131 EUR
Luminor C Pensionifond0.95362 EUR-0.17%22506242 EUR
III pillar
Luminor Aktsiad 100 Pensionifond1.78657 EUR-0.61%16728739 EUR
Luminor Intress Pluss Pensionifond0.86395 EUR-0.25%3319649 EUR
Fund costs, including fund management fees, have already been deducted from the funds` returns displayed in the table. Funds` past performance is neither a promise nor indication of the Funds future performance. Investments in the Fund may bring the unit holder both profit and loss and there is no guarantee that the value of the sum invested in the Fund will be retained or increase. Read the fund terms and conditions and prospectus at If necessary, consult an expert. Additional information from Luminor Bank offices or call +372 628 3300.