Three companies have been chosen to participate in a local online business development project initiated by Luminor and its partners: Tokumaru restaurants, Pärnu-based NPO Maarja-Magdaleena Gild and OÜ Luxveg, a family business in Tartu.

In April, Luminor and its partners launched a project to support the creation of online sales channels and online store for three local businesses. Almost 100 companies applied, of which Falcon Japan OÜ (which manages Japanese restaurants under the Tokumaru brand), the NPO Maarja-Magdaleena Gild (which unites small creative enterprises in Pärnu) and Tartu-based OÜ Luxveg (whose main activity is growing mini-versions of herbs and spices and herbs, edible flowers and vegetables) were selected for the project.

According to Kristjan Jasinski, Head of External Partners at Luminor, 91 companies from very different fields responded to the call within a short period of time. “A lot of candidates were local enterprises active in different counties,” he explained. “We selected three businesses with different profiles who we’ll be able to help the most with our skills and knowledge.”

Luminor will cooperate with digital marketing agencies and e-commerce platforms in order to assist the chosen companies over the next three weeks in creating and implementing online channels required for sales work. Overviews of the work process will also be provided on Luminor’s social media channels and website.

“We highly recommend following the development plans of the companies we selected, which will be published in the coming weeks,” Jasinski added. “The companies are all very different, which will allow other applicants who are still interested in developing their online businesses to learn from their experience.”

Erkki Pung, founder of the initiative’s partner Sviiter Creative Agency, said that in addition to their field of activity and business needs, each of the three companies selected was also assessed in terms of whether the work would involve creating an online store from scratch or further development of existing channels. The assessment also focused on the companies’ market situation, their readiness to successfully implement the online sales solution even after the crisis and the use of their branding in their business activities to date.

The companies will be assisted in creating their online sales channels and online stores by Sviiter Creative Agency, the ShopZ solution created by business software developer Erply and the web design platforms Voog, Shoproller, OCTA, Webhunt and Lumav Commerce OÜ.