On November 30, Luminor will launch a completely new Internet bank in Estonia and replace the existing bank cards of all customers with new VISA cards.

Luminor CEO Erkki Raasuke says that this is a major change for our customers and an extraordinary technological change for Luminor. “In essence, we are giving a new bank to our more than 100 000 customers. We are establishing a new Internet bank, as well as updating the core banking system, in which we hold and run all of our data. And most importantly, we are moving all our customers with their data to this new platform.”
In order to carry out such a major change, co‑operation with the customers is crucial. We encourage all customers to read carefully the information sent by the bank in September and check the more detailed information online at luminor.ee/en/new-bank and luminor.ee/en/new-bank-business. There will also be more changes to Luminor`s products and services effective as of 30th November.
Head of Luminor Retail Banking in Estonia Tanel Rebane explains that Luminor will be sending the new cards to customers’ postal addresses and therefore it is vital that the contact information shared with the bank is updated. “Private customers can update their contact details themselves in the Internet bank. Business customers will need to contact Customer Service by writing to us via Internet bank or giving us a call.”
Contact information must be checked and updated by 9 October.
Rebane adds that especially the business customers should also check whether they have a personal user ID to access the new Internet bank from 30th November. “Everybody needs a personal user ID, including all users of company accounts. It is not possible to enter the new Internet bank with the company's user ID.  There is still plenty of time to sign an Internet bank user agreement to be ready for the change – and we urge you not to leave it to the last moment, as there may be long queues,” he stresses.
As Luminor is updating the core banking system and transmitting all customer data, there will be significant disruptions in most of Luminor’s products and services during November 27‑29. More detailed information on the exact times for the disruptions over the weekend in question will be shared in early November.
The new Internet bank has an improved design for a better customer experience and is more tailored to customers’ needs. Customers can log in with Smart‑ID, Mobile ID, ID card and the new code calculator.
Luminor’s current mobile app will not be available from 30 November until the beginning of 2021, when the new mobile app will be launched. Until the new app arrives, we encourage our customers to use the responsive Internet bank in different devices.
Customers who have any questions are kindly asked to contact the bank remotely – and the sooner, the better. It is possible to reach Luminor via the Internet bank, by e‑mailing info@luminor.ee or by calling +372 628 3300.