Kalle Kose, Private Banking Portfolio Manager at Luminor

Kalle Kose, Private Banking Portfolio Manager at Luminor

Kalle Kose, Private Banking Portfolio Manager at Luminor

If you’ve decided to manage your investments yourself, you’ll need proper tools for this, such as a user-friendly transaction environment with many options. We’re therefore pleased to announce that our investment platform Luminor Investor is now ready for use. It’s a tool for investors who invest on their own, as it makes navigating in the world of investments considerably easier.
Variety of instruments

A broad selection of equities, bonds of single issuers, exchange-traded funds and investment funds are accessible via the Luminor Investor platform. The European, US as well as emerging markets are represented. You can trade in several currencies, including the euro and the US dollar, and also the currencies of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the UK.

The exchange-traded funds (ETF) of the largest global issuers that invest in different asset classes on developed and emerging markets are also accessible. A broad selection of funds makes it possible to diversify the portfolio with instruments of different types, such as funds that pay dividends, value stock funds or funds relying on momentum strategies or low volatility stock.

All of these possibilities are just a couple of clicks away. However, if you would like to diversify the risks of your portfolio by investing in single issuer bonds, this can be easily arranged as well.
Calculator and search filters

The investment cost calculator helps you assess the exact costs associated with account maintenance and the acquisition or sale of a position.

The possibility to view financial data and other search filters make the initial selection an investment easier. For example, if you would like to prepare a query about equities on the basis of the purchase recommendations made by analysts, you just need to add the relevant filter to the search.

There are other useful filters as well. You can sort our the energy sector representatives with the lowest price to earnings ratio by different currencies among equities and then sort the search results on the basis of market capitalisation. Choosing and sorting bonds is also easier with different search criteria (such as coupons, maturity dates, yield-to-maturity).
Good overview

Portfolio accounting and calculation of yields are also options that every active investor needs. These solutions are also included in the Luminor Investor platform.

You can also read news and articles about the companies left after filtering in the Luminor Investor environment. It’s obviously possible to find massive quantities of even more detailed information online, but finding your way in all this is not an easy task. In the Luminor Investor environment, however, it’s very easy to go to the news section of the company that interests you and get all the information you need at once.

You can access the Luminor Investor platform a computer as well as smart devices, so you can check your investments no matter where you are.
You’re welcome to try our new tool!

You can register as a user free of charge and the instructions are accessible on the Luminor website.