The price list and the general terms and conditions of deposits of Luminor Bank AS will change on 1 October 2019.

The most important changes to the general terms and conditions of deposits concern the conditions of interest calculation and payment. The conditions for withholding income tax from private clients will also change in line with the amendments to the Income Tax Act that entered into force on 1 January 2018. The provisions concerning the extraordinary cancellation of a contract and the amendment of a deposit contract will also change.
The names of some services and products in the price list will change, there will be some changes in the pricing of services and some products and services will be removed.
The purpose of the changes is to simplify the structure of the price list for clients. Some of the changes in the price list were caused by the market situation and the preparations for the migration to a single Luminor system.
Private clients can view the changes at and business clients at

It is also possible to view the changes in all Luminor branches as of 1 August 2019.

If the client agrees with the changes, they do not have to do anything and the new price list and new terms and conditions will apply to the client’s contract(s) as of 1 October 2019. If the client does not agree with the changes made to the price list or the terms and conditions, they can cancel their contract(s) concluded with the bank on 30 September 2019 at the latest.