Separate terms and conditions will come into effect for term deposits and savings accounts on 1 October 2020, replacing the uniform terms and conditions for all products that have applied to date.

We have added definitions, explanations of terms and general principles to the terms and conditions. Product contracts will hereafter only feature the provisions agreed upon between the parties to the contract, to which the terms and conditions of the product will be added, which will be available on the bank’s website.

New general terms and conditions of daily banking plans will also come into effect on 1 October. These will regulate relations between parties in the use of daily banking plans, including entering into and the entry into force and termination of contracts, and matters related to the pricing of the plans.

All of the changes can be reviewed online at and, from 1 August 2020, at any branch of Luminor.

If you agree to the changes you need do nothing further – the new terms and conditions will simply come into effect with regard to your contract(s) as of 1 October. If you do not agree to the changes, you have the right to terminate the contract(s) you have entered into with the bank by 30 September 2020, fulfilling all obligations arising from the product/service agreements before doing so.