Luminor´s new Internet bank will be here soon

We are planning to launch Luminor´s new Internet bank and website on 30 November. In addition, all payment cards will be replaced with new VISA cards. We will also be introducing some changes to our products and services.

This is a major technological change for Luminor in Estonia. On 27‑29 November we will be transferring all of our customer data to a new banking system and during that time it is not possible to use most of Luminor products and services.

On this page, you can find information on all the changes concerning private customers.

What are the main changes as of 30 November?

New Internet bank and website

We are replacing current Maestro/Mastercard cards with VISA debit and credit cards

 Payments should be made latest on 26 November, before the change of the systems

 The prices and conditions of some products will also change

Detailed information about all changes to our products and services

Internet Bank

Authentification tools

To log in to our new Internet bank, you will be able to use Smart‑ID, Mobile‑ID, ID‑card or our new PIN-calculator. 

The Nordea Code App and current PIN calculator will not work in the new Internet bank due to the change of the banking system.


If you are not able to use Smart-ID, Mobile-ID or ID-card and would like to receive the new PIN-calculator, please contact us as soon as possible, but definitely before 30 November, via the Internet bank, by e‑mailing or by calling +372 628 3300.

- Non residents and customers aged 60+ who currently have a PIN calculator will be automatically issued a new calculator.
- We will send it to your postal address accompanied with the detailed usage and activation instructions.

Internet bank user ID

In our new Internet bank, all the customers will need a personal username to access their accounts via the Internet bank.

While logging in with your personal username, you will be able to switch to proper profiles, where you will see accounts of your company, children and other related persons you have the right to see in each of the profile.

Username will remain the same for most customers. If you are among the few with several usernames, then only one will remain starting from 30 November. We will notify you directly of the right one via Internet bank messages.

Internet bank user rights

For most customer user rights will remain as they are now. However, due to the differences between the new and old systems there will be some changes, and some rights regarding certain products and services may be lost.

For private customers who only access their own accounts, there will be no changes.
If something is changing for you regarding Internet bank user rights, we will contact you separately.

The Terms and conditions of the Internet bank are changing

The new Terms and conditions of our digital channels are available here.

Payment cards

As Luminor has chosen to use VISA cards in all Baltic countries, we will replace the current Master/Maestro cards with VISA cards.

We will send you a new Luminor VISA card by post if you have a valid Luminor payment card.  If you have several cards, all of them will be replaced. The new card will have the same PIN as the old card.

If you haven’t received a new card by 16 November, please send us a message in Internet bank, by e‑mail or call us on +372 628 3300.
Your current card, monthly fee Your card as of 30 November, monthly fee
Fees for Master/Maestro cards are applicable until 31 October
Fees for the new VISA cards are applicable from December and will be withdrawn from the user's account in the middle of December.
MC Gold €5
MC Credit €1.40
MC Topeltneto €3
Visa Classic €1.50
MC Finnair Plus €3
Visa Classic €1.50
The new Visa Classic card is not linked to the PINS and Finnair Plus loyalty programmes and collecting points with it will not be possible.
MC Stockmann €1.50
Visa Classic €1.50
The new Visa Classic card is not usable as a Stockmann loyalty card. You can get a separate Stockmann loyalty card from their loyal customer service on the 4th floor of the store.
MC Debit €1.50
Visa Debit €1.50
MC Platinum €150/year
Luminor Visa Infinite €20/month
Information about travel insurance
Please view the new pricelist and the terms and conditions of cards on the card page​.

If you’re not interested in the new card, please inform us that you want to terminate the contract as soon as possible, but no later than on 27 November.

If you terminate the contract (cancel it ordinarily), you must repay the credit limit you have drawn down to the bank within 30 days.

The standard user limits, i.e. payments and cash, daily and monthly limits, will apply to the new card. You can change them in the Luminor Internet bank from 30 November.

  • Your credit card credit limits will not change. The credit limit of credit cards will remain based on the card account and all cards linked to the same account use a joint credit limit. All card transactions will be immediately debited from the available funds on the card account.

  • VISA credit cards do not have a mandatory repayment and interest‑free period of 50 days maximum applies to the cards. If you repay the credit limit you have used by the 20th day of the next month, no interest will be calculated on the limit used.
    It will also be possible to make transfers from the card account using the available funds in the account, incl. the credit limit.
  • Once the card will become valid on 30 November:
    - The card will be activated when you make a card payment with PIN or wihdraw cash from ATM.
    - Contactless payments are enabled automatically after the first card payment with PIN or wihdraw cash from ATM.
    - Online purchases are disabled when you get the new card, you can enable the online purchases in Internet bank.
    - Change your card number in all apps, such as Bolt, Wolt, Netflix etc.
  • In the new Internet bank, you can:
    - see PIN‑code of your payment card;
    - see and change the card user limits, i.e. the daily payment and cash limit and the monthly cash limit;
    - enable and disable the contactless payment function;
    - when you log in to the Internet bank, you can also see your business cards. If you have the right to use your company’s Internet bank account, you can switch over to the company’s page and see all the cards attached to the company’s accounts. (Previously, it was only possible to see a company’s payment cards by logging in with the company’s credentials.)

Payments, standing orders and e‑invoices

Please make all your necessary payments as early as possible, no later than 26 November.

Please do not create payments with value date later than 26 November as those will be not processed (we do not migrate those to the new Luminor banking system). From 30 November, you can make payments in the new Internet bank.

You will find standing orders, e‑invoices and e‑invoice standing orders on the Autopilot page in the new digital channels. 
In the new Internet bank, you can see your current e‑invoices and standing orders, as well as make new ones. 

The terms and conditions of accounts and payments that are part of the current terms and conditions of accounts will change. New terms and conditions will be published here latest on 30 September.

  • Standing Order
    If the payment date of a standing order is from 27 to 29 November, the payment will be made not later than on 30 November if there are sufficient funds in the account.
    Effective standing orders whose payment frequency is weekly, monthly or daily will be transferred to the new system. Standing orders of other frequencies (e.g. quarterly, annual, etc.) will not be transferred and the contracts for such standing orders will be deemed extraordinarily cancelled by the bank as of 30 November.
    It will only be possible to set up standing orders for fixed amounts in the future.
    We will not be offering the standing orders for balance transfers anymore as of 30 November and the existing service will not be migrated to the new system. You can set up a new standing order in the new Internet Bank as of 30 November.
    The terms and conditions of standing orders will change, you will find the new terms and conditions here on 30 September at the latest.
    You will be able to set up standing orders only in the new Internet bank. This option will no longer be offered at our branches. 
  • E‑invoice
    You can request e‑invoices from more than 700 service providers in the Internet bank: search by the sender of the e‑invoice and the most common senders of invoices are offered to you.
    You can set up e‑invoice standing orders for the requested e‑invoices. Until the changes, the limit was payment‑based, in the future the limit will be based on the calendar month.
  • Cross‑border payments. 
    The new SWIFT/BIC code of Luminor Estonia is RIKOEE22.
    Please inform your partners and customers from whom you plan to receive cross‑border payments, i.e.  payments in foreign currencies or a in euros from outside the European Union and European Economic Area. 
    Please remember that you must fill in the payment fields in English, enter the full beneficiary address and the correct details of the payment when you make an international payment. If the requirements are not fulfilled, the payment will be cancelled.

Bank link

With the arrival of the new Internet bank, the view that opens to customers when they pay by bank link will look slightly different from the current view. 


Daily Banking Packages

No changes will be made to the daily banking packages from 30 November. Terms and conditions stepping into force from 1 October will apply.


The interest on the private customer’s savings account will be paid out monthly as of 30 November (it has been paid out quarterly so far). The relevant change in terms and conditions stepped into force already on 1 October 2019.


  • The terms and conditions of accounts and payments that are part of the current terms and conditions of the account will change. You will find the new terms and conditions here 
  • The interest calculated for the account until 30 November will be paid out before the changes of 30 November. In the future, interest will be paid out latest by 7 January every year.
  • When forwarding your account information, please keep in mind that the SWIFT/BIC on Luminor will change in Estonia as of 30 November – the new code is RIKOEE22. Please give the new code to the parties from whom you expect to receive international payments.
  • Luminor will stop issuing and sending regular account statements by post and e-mail. Account statements will be accessible to customers at any time from the Internet bank (history of up to five years) or we will issue a statement of a certain period on the customer´s request via the channel that is suitable to the customer.

Loans, leasing

  • There will be no changes in loan products. 
  • From 30 November, you will not be able to see your leasing information in the Internet bank. This possibility will be added with the next release in the first quarter of 2021.

Investment products

  • There will be a freeze on investment services from 23‑29 November, during which you will not be able to submit orders for transactions in financial instruments in Luminor. Such orders will once again be accepted from 30 November. 
  • All valid orders that have yet to be settled by the 27 November will be automatically cancelled.
  • We will not be migrating agreements on periodic investments in fund units. All agreements on periodic investments in fund units will be terminated on 23 November 2020, and this service will no longer be offered.
  • The number format of your financial instruments account will change. Your new account number will no longer contain ‘‑’ (i.e. a dash). This change will not apply to Nasdaq CSD accounts.
  • After migration, a fee for the safekeeping of Nordea investment fund units will be introduced. It will apply from 30 November. 

Price list changes

Price list changes for private customers starting from 30 November 2020 can be reviewed in more detail here.

The full version of the new price list (PDF) is available here.

In September

In September

Please update your contact details in the Internet bank to make sure that all the information regarding the changes will reach you at the right time.
Check your Internet bank messages or e-mails – we will send you a more detailed information about the changes and the time of the changes.

In the middle of November

In the middle of November

You will receive your new payment card(s) by post. Put the new card(s) in your wallet, so it’s there when you need it.
Give the extra cards attached to your account to the cardholder as early as possible.
VISA cards will become valid on 30 November and all Luminor Maestro/MasterCards will expire on the same date.

November 23‑26

November 23‑26

Make all important payments by November 26 the latest. Please do not make payments with future value date later than 26 November, these will not be executed.
Customers will be transferred to the new banking platform 27‑29 November, and most services of Luminor cannot be used at the time. You cannot use the Internet bank, mobile app and all bank branches will be closed. Payment cards cannot be used for paying or withdrawing cash.
Make sure you have enough cash for 27‑29 November.

As of 30 November

As of 30 November

Start using your VISA card(s). The PIN code is the same as the one of your current Maestro/MasterCard(s).
Perform your bank transactions in the new Luminor Internet bank by logging in with Smart‑ID, Mobile‑ID, ID‑card or the new code calculator.
Luminor’s new SWIFT/BIC code is RIKOEE22 – inform your partners and customers from whom you plan to receive cross‑border payments about this.
Change your card number in all apps, such as Bolt, Wolt, Netflix etc.