Annual rate 7 % 

Offer is valid:

  • for consumer loans from 2500 €- 12000 €

  • with issuing fee 5 % from loan amount and maximum payback term from 3- 5 years

  • Submitting application from 02.09.2019.-22.09.2019.

If you need the funds to make some bigger purchase, home repairs or to cover larger expenses, choose well-considered borrowing – Luminor consumer loan.

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Appreciate the benefits:

  • remote agreement
  • no down payment or property pledge

Consumer loan with fixed loan interest rate

Representative example

Loan amount Loan maturity Payments Annual fixed interest rate Agreement fee Sum of loan payments Total amount payable Monthly instalment Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
EUR 3,500 5 years 60 7 % 175 EUR 4158,3 EUR 4,333.3 EUR 69.3 EUR 9.57 %

Applying for consumer loan


Fill in the loan application

Fill out the application


We will contact you

We will review your application and get in touch


Sign the loan agreement

Sign the loan agreement digitally or in the bank office of your choice

Necessary documents

  • ID-card or passport
  • Applicant`(s) bank account(s) statement of the last 6 months. If income in the last 6 months has been received at our bank, then the account statement is unnecessary
  • Fill out the application

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