Our work is built on trust. Trust is based on good service, the right solutions and the conviction that we know our customers. Thus, we ask different questions. This is the only way we can give good advice and offer services that correspond to our customers` needs.

There are questions we ask for other reasons – we are a socially responsible company. Banks must follow domestic and international laws and regulations, also ones aimed at preventing money laundering, terrorism and economic crime.

We ask questions when you become our customer and turn regularly to all customers with the request to revise their information.

We cannot always provide services

On rare occasions, if we do not receive enough information from a customer, we are not permitted to provide the requested service. More information is provided on banks` obligations and related issues here.

What kind of questions do we ask?

We ask customers to check their contacts, we also ask about citizenship, country of birth and tax residence. In addition to personal information, we are interested in your job, financial situation, the origin of funds received at our bank etc.

Among other things, we must ascertain whether a customer or closely related person is a PEP – politically exposed person, whose role in society calls for heightened attention.

We consider all data confidential.

The following options apply to revising customer data

You can always get in touch with our 24/7 Customer Support by calling +372 628 3300 or writing info@luminor.ee.

Luminor`s general terms and conditions

(*) a politically exposed person is for example: