Mastercard Gold and Mastercard Platinum credit cards come with travel insurance for the whole family, which makes your travels convenient and safe.

It frees you from the obligation to always keep in mind the need to purchase insurance when going on a trip, so you can be carefree and take up last-minute offers. In addition to the cardholder, the insurance coverage extends to family members travelling with him/her on up to 3-month-long trips abroad. You do not have to pay for travel expenses by the card for the insurance to be valid.

Mastercard Business and Mastercard Business Debit cards come with travel insurance for the cardholder and two accompanying colleagues for up to 30-day trips in Europe.  There is no obligation to pay for travel expenses.

The insurance provider is ERGO Insurance SE

Luminor credit cards` travel insurance includes:

Before going on a trip, please read the travel insurance terms and conditions. More detailed information about different cards` travel insurance terms and conditions is available here:

In case of general information and for issuing certificate of travel insurance, please turn to our Customer Support at +372 628 3300.

ERGO Customer Service is at your disposal regarding questions related to insurance event and insurance terms and conditions. Tel +372 610 6500.

In case of an insurance event:

In case of additional questions, please turn to your Customer Consultant, Luminor Customer Support or ERGO at tel +372 610 6500 or by e-mail at:

In case of a medical emergency, the customer or his/her family member should contact the medical assistance provider OPS EST OÜ at tel: +372 634 7393 (24h service), e-mail:

Limits and coverages

Card Luminor Gold Platinum Business
Insurance cover Maximum sum insured per credit card, € Maximum sum insured per person, € Maximum sum insured per credit card, €
Medical assistance insurance    
Treatment and transport costs 300 000 500 000 75 000
Costs of dental treatment 500 500 500
Costs of acquisition of medicines and medical aids 500 500 500
Costs of phone calls 50 50 0
Hospital allowance (per day) 20 20 20
Accident insurance    
Death caused by an accident 50 000 60 000 30 000
Permanent disability caused by an accident 50 000 60 000 30 000
Liability and legal assistance insurance    
Liability insurance 50 000 100 000 50 000
Legal assistance 1000 1000 1000
Luggage insurance    
Luggage delay 750 750 300
Loss of luggage 2000 2000 500
Theft of or damage to luggage 1000 2000 500
Travel disruption insurance    
Flight delay or cancellation
(Delay or cancellation of standard flights caused by weather conditions or technical condition of an aircraft.)
750 750 500
Trip cancellation or interruption
(Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the points covered by the insured event in the insurance terms and conditions)
2000 (deductible 15%) 2000 (deductible 15%) 700 (deductible 15%)
Being late for a trip
(Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the points covered by the insured event in the insurance terms and conditions)
1000 2000 700
Insured’s replacement     1000

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the insurance valid? Is it valid across the world?

MC Gold and MC Platinum insurance is valid across the world and MC Business/ Business Debit insurance in Europe.

Who is insured? Only me or my family as well?

In case of MC Gold and MC Platinum, the insurance is valid for cardholders and accompanying family members, for example spouse/cohabiting partner and the cardholder`s children, stepchildren, adopted children and foster children up to 18-years-old or children aged 19-24 if they study full-time.

What does the insurance cover if the luggage arrives at the travel destination, back home late or is lost altogether?

  • If the trip is delayed to destination, then up to insured sum
  • In case of a delay coming home, there is no right to compensation
  • If luggage is lost, then up to insured sum

Who is considered a family member?

A family member is a spouse/cohabiting partner, the cardholder`s children, stepchildren, adopted children and foster children. The insurance covers children/ stepchildren/adopted children in full-time studies up to 24-years-old also if they do not share the permanent place of residence with the cardholder.

The family is travelling together, and the child turns 24-years-old during the trip. Does insurance coverage end automatically?

The insurance coverage ends when the child returns home.

Does the parent`s credit card provide insurance coverage to a child studying and living abroad for a year?

The insurance coverage is valid if the pupil/student is traveling with the cardholder or has his/her own additional card and the duration of the trip does not exceed 90 days.

How are the upper limits provided in insurance terms and conditions applied? What limits apply to the card and which to the family members traveling together?

Unless provided differently in the terms and conditions, all insurance benefits listed in the insurance coverage table (which is with the insurance terms and conditions) apply to a single insured event and card.