The card has the contactless payment feature, which makes paying for small purchases even faster and more convenient.

What is a contactless payment?

A contactless payment means paying for a purchase without inserting your bank card in a payment terminal and entering your PIN code.

What is a bank card with contactless payment feature like?

It is a regular bank card with a distinct symbol.

How to activate or deactivate contactless payment functionality?

If you receive a new card, contactless payments are enabled by default.

You can also activate or deactivate your card’s contactless function in the Internet Bank. Open “Cards” from the menu bar and then “Details” at the end of the line of your card.

In the card details, you see the “Contactless information” sector followed by a “Change” button which disables or enables contactless payments.

Confirm the change.

When will it be possible to pay by a contactless card in Estonia?

Most Estonian banks started issuing contactless cards to its customers in 2016.

How to use a contactless card?

In order to perform a contactless transaction, the card must be placed against the terminal. The screen will display additional instructions and information about a successful payment. If the purchase sum exceeds 50 euros, then you must enter your PIN-code, depending on the payment terminal type, it may be necessary to insert the card in the terminal.

Where can I make contactless transactions?

In Europe, there are more than a million payment terminals with contactless transaction capacity. This year, contactless payment support will also be opened in many Estonian shops, restaurants and elsewhere. The goal is to provide contactless transaction capacity in all devices taking card payments by the year 2020.

Are contactless cards secure?

Contactless cards are secured by using chip and PIN technology. In Estonia, up to 50-euro payments can be performed without entering the PIN code.

If I am near a cash register or walk past one, is it possible I unwillingly pay for someone else`s bill?

No. First of all, the card must be closer than 3 centimetres to the payment terminal to perform the transaction. Secondly, the card must be held close to the terminal for longer than half a second. Therefore, performing a transaction basically requires placing the card against the terminal. It is not possible to make an accidental payment by walking by.

If the contactless card is lost or stolen, then does it mean that an unlimited number of payments up to 50 euros can be performed without my knowledge?

Though making a contactless transaction may seem very simple, cards are protected with different security features. After several contactless payments has been made, the PIN code must be entered again, also the card randomly requires entering the PIN when making purchases. If your contactless card is lost or stolen, then the bank must be informed. If the customer informs the bank of losing the card quickly, then the customer is not liable for misuse of the card. In countries where contactless cards have been adopted, there has not been an increase in card fraud.

Is it possible that I will make a double payment, if I have several bank cards with the contactless transaction functionality?

No, payment terminals do not allow double payments, even if there is more than one contactless card close to it at the same time.