When can I submit an application to challenge card transactions?

You can submit an application to challenge card transactions to the Bank if:

First try to solve the problem by turning directly to the vendor/ service provider
In order to resolve the problem, first turn to the vendor if the reason for challenging the transaction is the vendor`s violation of contractual conditions:

It is worth knowing that:

When you challenge a card transaction, submit an application to the bank if you cannot resolve the problem by turning to the vendor. Attach a copy of the correspondence with the vendor/ service provider to the card transaction dispute application (e.g. number received when cancelling the hotel room booking).

Filling in the application for challenging card transactions

If you have discovered activities on your bank statement which require checking and you do not reach an agreement with the vendor/ service provider, then fill in the application form for challenging card transactions and send the digitally signed application to info@luminor.ee or bring it to the nearest bank office.

For positive resolution of challenging a card transaction, it is important for us to receive sufficient information about what took place.

According to international recovery rules, domestic card transaction recovery process takes 30 days and cross-border card transaction recovery process takes up to 45 days from submission of application.

Card transaction challenge form