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Simple credit line for companies

A simple credit line is a convenient tool to ensure stable cash flows when the company faces unexpected expenses, delays in collections or needs to acquire current assets. You can provide collateral for the limit of a simple credit line with a guarantee issued by the private people who own the company. Providing collateral does not incur any further costs.


Applying for a loan


Submit an application

Submit your application online or fill in the application and forward with required documents to the e-mail


We will get in touch

We will specify requests, terms and conditions.


Financing decision

We will notify you of the agreement terms and conditions.


Conclusion of agreement

If the loan terms and conditions are suitable, we will conclude loan and collateral agreements.

Necessary documents

  • Loan application
  • Audited (if the company is subject to auditing) financial reports from the previous financial years, as well as balance sheet and income statements for the current financial year, not older than three months.
  • You may be required to provide additional documents

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You can apply online!

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