Fee (prices are indicated excluding VAT)
Contract fee1.50% of the factoring limit, min. € 350.00
Factoring limit increase / Factoring maturity prolongation1.50% of the factoring limit being increased/ prolonged, min. € 200.00
Amendments in contract for changed buyer/supplier list100 €
Setting, changing, reviewing or prolonging buyer's limitmin. 65 €
Other amendments in contractmin. 200 €
Sending a written reminder to the buyer of a factoring client regarding unpaid invoice(s)4 €
Invoice administration/acceptance feeStarting from 0.10% from the invoice amount, min. € 3.00
Preparation of standardized statement for balance confirmation15 €
Preparation of non-standardized report/statement upon the Customer's request50 €
Preparation and issuing copies of documents from the archive€ 15.00 for each document
Refunding for non-assigned amounts€ 10.00 + fee for payments according to price list