Corporate Netbank
Code calculator issuance or replacement15 €
Nordea Codes applicationFree
Netbank maintenance feeFree
PaymentsAccording to Payments price list
First registration and installation at the clientFree
Monthly maintenance fee15 €
Monthly additional maintenance fee for every next company of the group7.50 €
Additional consultation at customer's request and at customer’s premises20 € /hour + travel costs
Payments in Multibank(1)
Euro payment to Estonia and EU/EEA member states0.19 €
Express international payment 24 €
Express international payment in full to beneficiary(2)43 €
Web Service channel
Initial registration and connection50 €
Amendments in Web services channel agreement15 €
Monthly fee (payments + account information)50 €
Monthly fee (account information)25 €
Plug&Play50 €
Registration60 €
Monthly maintenance fee10 €
Amendments in agreement15 €
Registration60 €
Monthly maintenance feeFree
Transaction fee1 % of the amount, min 0.13 €
Amendments in agreement15 €

(1) Other payments according to Payments price list
(2) Remitter (OUR) – the Customer as the remitter shall pay the fee set by the Bank and such fee shall cover the fees set by all other banks involved in the process of execution of payment. However, the Bank shall not be held liable if during the process of execution of payment no fees of other banks are withheld or the recipient does not receive the payment amount in full due to other reasons beyond the Bank's control. Remitter (OUR) charges allowed in case of beneficiary account is held in the bank outside EU/EEA member states.