Account maintenance
Account fee for non EU countries and Cyprus, Gibraltar, Malta Yearly fee 750 €
Account balance fee for financial institutions* -balance exceeds 1 000 000 EUR -balance exceeds 10 000 000 SEK -balance exceeds 7 500 000 DKK -balance exceeds 1 000 000 CHF -balance exceeds 116 000 000 JPY -balance exceeds 25 500 000 CZKThe annual interest rate set by the relevant central bank** minus 0.3% (actual/360)

* Financial institutions are considered to be credit institutions, fund management companies, insurance companies and investment and pension funds. Under aforementioned balance the account balance fee is not applicable. No account balance fee applies when the central bank interest rate in the respective currency becomes positive. The calculated account balance shall be debited from the client's account once a month, not later than on the 2nd banking day of the month following the month for which it was calculated.
** The annual interest rate set by the relevant central bank is:
• for EUR currency – ECB deposit facility rate,
• for SEK currency – Sveriges Riksbank repo rate,
• for DKK currency – Danmarks Nationalbank Certificates of deposit rate,
• for CHF currency – Swiss National Bank negative interest rate,
• for JPY currency – Bank of Japan complementary deposit facility rate,
• for CZK currency – Czech National Bank deposit facility rate.