Mastercard Business

Are you an entrepreneur who travels often? Mastercard provides quality travel insurance and convenient payments.


The Mastercard Business credit card combines the functions of a debit and a credit card. You can get cash with it from all ATMs in Estonia. The amount that you take out is immediately debited from your current account and is not be deducted from your credit limit.

How to apply?



Fill in the card application on our homepage.


We will contact you

We will review the application and get in touch.


Sign the agreement

Sign the card agreement digitally or in our bank office.  


Card issuance

The card will be waiting for you in our bank office. If you ordered postal delivery for the card, then it will arrive shortly.

Necessary documents/requirements

  • Bank account at Luminor
  • The cardholder must hold Estonian citizenship or a residence permit

Useful links

Mastercard Business credit card terms and conditions
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Challenging card transactions

Daily banking should be convenient. Also for a company.

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