Factoring allows a company to acquire necessary circulating capital fast and easy and offer their customers longer payment due dates.

By using factoring, you defer sale invoices submitted to the buyers to us and in return, get a comprehensive service – financing of invoices, management of invoices and if necessary, buyers` payment risk management credit insurance.


How to apply?


Submit an application

Fill in the application and forward with necessary documents to the bank.  Send documents to faktooring@luminor.ee


We will contact you

We may specify wishes and terms and conditions.


Financing decision

We will inform you of financing terms and conditions


We will conclude the agreement

Conclusion of financing agreement.  

Necessary documents

  • Application
  • Previous year`s annual report and current year`s balance sheet and income statement
  • Parties` agreements with buyers (sales-, employment agreements etc), which are the basis for invoices you want to factor

Useful links

Terms and conditions and financing process
Credit insurance

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