After downloading, the Codes app must be activated. This requires an activation code and a temporary PIN‑code. The activation code will be sent to you by SMS and the temporary PIN‑code will be displayed in internet bank. Both are very important and required. You can order activation code in internet bank under Settings, Nordea Codes app/code calculator ordering.

Open Nordea Codes app and select International profile.

Click “Next” if you have ordered an activation code and a temporary PIN code in Luminor internet bank.

Enter the activation code from SMS and click “Next”.

Enter the temporary PIN-code and click “Next”.

As the next step, you need to create your personal PIN. Click ”Continue”.

Create your personal PIN and click “Next”.

Confirm your PIN again and click ”Next”.

Please name your account and click ”Next”.

Please confirm that you have created the new profile for using Nordea/Luminor digital channels. This choice appears only to iOS users.

The application is ready to use, please click “Start using the app”.

Only iOS users can change the language under settings: ”Change language”. Android users can use the updated Nordea code application only in English.